Meetup with Former Foster Olive the Marvelous Mutt

A few weekends ago we went to Picacho Peak near Tucson to meet up with The Marvelous Mutts. Our former foster sister Olive (now named Ba-Ba-Lu) was adopted by the traveling performing canine team. While she has progressive retinal atrophy (which leads to blindness) and a congenital spinal condition that limit her ability to perform, […]

Bella’s Trick Dog Champion Video

Bella has now achieved her Trick Dog Champion Title (TDCH) from Kyra Sundance’s Do More With Your Dog. Tricks are a fun way to spend time together and it enhances you and your dog’s bond. If you are interested in learning tricks and pursuing various Trick Dog Titles, check out Do More With Your Dog. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Video of one of Kronos’s many Noises

We’ve been busy packing everything and preparing the house for our arrival. Everything is looking great and we are excited to get into our new place! Movers come on Friday to move the big, heavy pieces for us. Follow my blog with Bloglovin