Kronos Featured on Scary Mommy

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Scary Mommy (@scarymommy) on Jul 14, 2020 at 7:28pm PDT Kronos was featured on Scary Mommy’s Instagram!

Terra Featured in Store Signage

This is so exciting! Terra’s featured in in store signage for KONG pet products! If you see her anywhere please let us know what store! We’re not sure exactly what stores they are in! We’d love to get a copy once the stores are finished using them too so if any of our fans could […]

Kronos’s Git Up Challenge Featured on Shareably

Kronos’s Git Up Challenge got featured on Shareably! Here’s our Git Up Challenge Video If anyone knows someone in the media who may be interested in our videos or content, please let us know. We’d love to have our videos featured in different media outlets as canine enrichment and trick training are a great way to keep […]

Dog Breed and Health Degeneration

Smooshed faces. Back legs dragging on the ground. Brains too small for the skull. Eyes bulging and watering. Short legs unfit for exercise. Excess wrinkles and weight. Inability to reproduce without human assistance and intervention. Though this sounds like a science experiment, the descriptions reference serious health problems in various dog breeds. Bulldogs, Pugs, Bostons,  […]

Nutro Wild Frontier From

We were sent a 4 lb. bag of Nutro Wild Frontier to try. Bella was on Nutro as a pup before we switched around. A lot of dog food seems to be switching it up and gearing toward healthier formulas with higher protein, high fat (this is actually good, it’s the carbs, sugar, and fillers […]

Having an Attitude of Gratitude and Giving Thanks

After a few seemingly back to back dog sitting gigs, we’re finally back home and settling in a bit before our next adventure. Giving thanks, being appreciative, and having an attitude of gratitude is something which should be done every day, but we take one day out of the year to specifically celebrate that mindset. […]

Kronos tries Stand Up Paddleboarding

We’ve been seeing a lot of our online friends stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. Since Bella and Terra were going to be attending the Kyra Sundance Do More With Your Dog Trick workshop, and for our first time trying it, I decided trying to balance with only one dog would be best. At least […]

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Greeting a Dog

DO: ASK the person for permission to pet their dog Kneel down and avert your eyes sideways Angle your body slightly sideways Offer your hand for the dog to sniff Let the dog initiate touch -Only then lightly pet on the chest, sides of the head, or other body part the dog offers DON’T: Stare in the […]

Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell’s Experience at New York City Animal Shelter Inspires “Shelter Stories,” Weeklong Mutts Comic Strip Series that Begins February 1st

Award-winning artist and animal advocate Patrick McDonnell, the MUTTS comic strip, has turned his experience at New York City’s only public, open-admissions animal shelter, Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), into a week’s worth of MUTTS comics called “Shelter Stories,” which begin running today. King Features distributes MUTTS to more than 700 newspapers. To see the daily Mutts […]

DIY: Dog Photo Frame Decoration

I love taking pictures of my dogs, but many of my photos end up archived in a digital format on the computer. So I decided it was time to do something with those photos! Each of my dogs has their own wall which features their achievements, awards, and photos of them. I wanted to create […]