Dog Models!

We’re super excited to find some talented and photogenic pups gracing the newest update of the KONG pet product website! Terra’s on the home page and various photos of Bella, Terra, and Kronos are on individual product pages! If you see us in advertising or marketing or anything like that please let us know! We […]

Cover Dog Terra!

Super exciting news! Terra was chosen as the cover dog for Phoenix Dog Magazine! There were three finalists and she won the spot! Our photo of her was also used for the cover 🙂 This is a local magazine in Phoenix so if you live in the Valley you can get a physical copy or […]

Bella featured in AKC Family Dog Magazine

Bella was featured in the Summer version of AKC Family Dog Magazine! We were so excited to see it! Though some of the facts got majorly skewed, we’re still super excited about this opportunity 🙂

Terra and Kronos in PetSmart Ads

Eeeeek! We’re so excited to see Kronos and Terra in the PetSmart ads and website! These were photo shoots we did quite awhile ago earlier this year, and the photos are finally being released. The pictures are from the website, mobile ads, and the local ads on the PetSmart website. Kronos was so serious and […]

Amber Crown Flea & Tick Collar

Fleas and ticks are the bane of the parasitic world. Fleas are easily drowned in water, but ticks are definitely harder to get rid of once you have them. Prevention is much easier than having to combat an infestation. A product we recently became aware of is the Amber Crown Flea and Tick Collar. The […]


Eeeep! We received a Flagology flag. We LOVE how it turned out! The flag size is a 28”x 40” house flag. It is huge! I couldn’t decide whether to put Bella, Terra, or Kronos on the flag, so…I decided to do all three! You choose a picture you like and can have it made into […]

Bella and Kronos featured in RedBarn Pet Products Marketing Materials

While we’ll be posting a few conference recaps, one of the highlights was visiting the RedBarn Pet Product booth. And, look who we found there! Kronos’s picture was on the cover of Red Barn’s Summer 2016 Press Kit! <3 And Miss Bella’s picture was inside on one of the pages of the magazine. RedBarn has many […]

Kronos’s First Official Photo Shoot

Last week Kronos had his first official photo shoot!! Bella had hers back in February and Terra had hers last July. Kronos got his nails trimmed, teeth and ears cleaned, and bathed and brushed before his big day. He was a little tired from his two long walks (one which included lots of running and swimming at […]

Found My Animal

Accessories for adopted animals and their people We enjoy sharing products that we find or that have a good cause behind them. A product we had won recently is a beautiful handmade leash from a company called “Found My Animal.” Their tagline is “Accessories for adopted animals and their people.”  The green rope was immediately a […]