Dog Water Collar by Red Dingo

There are collars for every day use, a walk around the block, an evening out, fancy bling for a special event, or a simple accessory to the perfect outfit. If you’ve taken your dog swimming or to play in the creek, you know the collars take some time to dry and start to smell. Every […]

One of the Ways we Live #HealthierTogether

I live with some high-energy dogs. They enjoy a myriad of activities to stay fit and active as well as to engage their minds. If you’ve followed our blog and social media for awhile you know we’ve done a few different outdoor activities including stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, and lots of swimming too.  We enjoy […]

Meetup with The Super Collies

We got to meet up with Sara, Hero, and their newest addition Marvel in Phoenix. Sara and her two canine side-kicks are traveling across the country performing with Stunt Dog Productions in different states and events. The last time they came through Phoenix we had a meet up with Hero, Jasmine, and Jesse. This time […]