Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

October is adopt a shelter pet month. I’ve been volunteering with a breed-specific rescue for four years in many ways-photographing fosters, fostering a few dogs, attending adoption events and helping with the booth, with fundraising efforts and multimedia production which helped them win a $10,000 grant last year, and listing adoptable dogs on the website. I have […]

Super Circuit: Fall Fit Dog Challenge Week Two

This wee’s Fall Fit Dog Challenge was to create a super circuit. We gathered various objects from around the house and made a fun circuit in our yard. The items we used were: An Agility jump FitPaws Wobble Board FitPaws Balance Disc FitPaws Pods Boxes Water bucket Hula-Hoops A table, foam pad, and plastic doggie […]

Fall Fit Dog Challenge: Week One

Staying fit is a lifestyle commitment and can be somewhat of a challenge if you have a busy schedule. We stay active and fit a variety of ways. One way is using moving puzzle toys for meal times. The puzzles are not only mentally stimulating because the dogs have to think through how to get […]

Join the #FitPetChallenge (s)

Did you know that around 52.7% of dogs are either overweight or obese? Or that it can reduce canine life expectancy by 2 years? That’s pretty scary. With highly processed foods loaded with excessive sugar or ingredients that are quickly converted to sugar-and ultimately to fat for storage if not used, and a more sedentary modern day lifestyle, […]

Show Off Your Dog’s Waistline

We’re joining in Dawg Business’s Blog Hop to Show off Your Dog’s Waistline. We’ve shared more about Bella’s journey (she gained a lot of weight when I went away to college) and why age is absolutely no excuse for a dog to be overweight. We’ve also included a couple of more pictures to show the […]

Wordy Wednesday: Hiking Pics and More

We’ve seen a lot of bad news over social media lately, and it seems to come in droves when it does-one of our friends we went camping with this summer had to have surgery for a brain tumor, another friend’s Blue Heeler girl who we’ve dog sat and went on lots of walks with when […]

Wordless Wednesday: #NationalDogDay

Make sure to enter the Kurgo dog harness giveaway before the contest ends! And hop through some other great blogs below:

BlogPaws #WordlessWednesday Blog Hop: Summertime Fun

The weather has been crazy here-alternating between muggy and intense rain storms to hot and somewhat humid. We’ll be going to the lake next weekend to stay cool and hope the river gets washed out and has more water with all of the rain!  

#Wordless Wednesday: Camping Trip

Here are a few of our pictures from our recent camping trip with some of our human and canine friends: