A Not So Wordless Wednesday: Taking the Road Less Traveled

As we’re reading and learning, we wanted to share one of the life lessons we found to reflect on and live by: if you react in anger and hold a grudge, it’s akin to taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Ultimately all you are doing is hurting yourself. Slander, belittling, distortion, lashing out, and […]

#Smile4Sugar’s 15th BarkDay!

Today is our blogger furiend’s BarkDay! We’re helping Sugar celebrate by sharing our smiles-join the celebration by sharing your smile and linking up to the Blog Hop! Sugar, you are one pawesome pup! Bella hopes you get lots of toys and get to play fetch!  Terra says you’re a star, Sugar! She wants to be as […]

Lake Fun and Camping Weekend

A few weekends ago we went camping with our family and their dogs near Roosevelt Lake. One pup got to come and it was Terra. Terra swam, ran, explored, and slept in a tent under the stars. She had a blast and enjoyed the one-on-one time. The lake was near Apache lake, which is where […]

Spice up Feeding with the Doggy Block Puzzle

Puzzles provide great mental stimulation for your dog and are quick and easy to prepare for mealtimes. We have a variety of puzzles to challenge our minds and keep things interesting. We were sent the Doggy Block puzzle toy from Chewy.com created by Outward Hound. This puzzle has four square chambers and four smaller round […]

Fight For Flea: Blog Hop

Barking from the Bayou and Oz the Terrier are hosting a blog hop “Fight 4 Flea” to send ‘heeling’ thoughts and messages of support to Flea from Jones Natural Chew who was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. If you would like to join us sending supportive messages to Flea, join the blog hop below. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Classic Cattle Dogs

#FallFitDog Week Three: Tricks, Strength, and Conditioning

Last week we shared the backyard workout and trick circuit we created. Here’s the video of Bella, Terra, Kronos, and foster dog Missi doing some of the exercises and obstacles using all parts of their bodies including noses! We do a variety of tricks and conditioning for fun which doubles in improving mobility, strength, and balance. A […]