Canine Models

Tired of constantly squeaking a toy while trying desperately to capture the perfect picture of that wiggly dog? 

2015 Calendar Cover

Whether you’re a photographer, media director, talent agent, business, marketing or advertising director, if you are looking for professional, experienced, studio-trained, and photogenic canine models, then you’ve come to the right place!

Many breeds commonly used include Frenchies, Bulldogs, Labs, Border Collies, and other floppy eared breeds, but pointy-eared dogs are a big part of the population and owned by many people. We’re breaking the stereotype by using pointy-eared ACDs in marketing for businesses and other projects.

All dogs have studio and on-location set experience.

Watch the stars in action on YouTube and view Portfolio still shots.

  • Studio Behaviors include:
    • Sit
    • Stand
    • Down
    • Stay
    • Come
    • Speak
    • Head Down
    • Paws Up
    • Watch Me
    • Retrieve Objects
    • Hold and carry objects
    • Wearing costumes, clothing, bowties, sunglasses, hats, etc.
    • Camera, softbox, light stand, and flash familiarity
  • You can either request all three dogs or a specific individual from Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs.
  • Located in Phoenix, AZ; willing to travel

To discuss the details of your project send an email to:

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