California Weekend

This last weekend we were California bound!

After a few snafus, we, along with our canine cousins, packed up the car, loaded up, and hit the road for a trick performance in sunny CA.

Adorable Miss Bella. Her and Terra were INCREDIBLE troopers with making themselves tiny to go underfoot. Our cousin, a GSD, took up majority of the back of the car with his bed per his mom’s insistence.
I still cannot believe that Kronos still fits on my lap! He somehow molds himself to fit nicely and comfortably

We drove for about five hours and then arrived at our relative’s house in Fallbrook. Our aunt was incredibly nice to let us stay in her studio guest quarters. It was a fully equipped with a bathroom, stove, and pull out couch.

Finally here and able to stretch our legs

We relaxed a little bit and ate before going to sleep to prepare for the big performance the next evening. There was only one pull out couch and all three of the humans and a few of the dogs squeezed onto the full to almost queen size pull out bed. The next morning we were up bright and early. We spent some time catching up with our family who we haven’t seen in a couple of years, and exploring the yard. Our aunt has a beautiful big yard with citrus trees, tons of natural rock formations, and even chickens. Terra thought it was fun to pounce at the fence to make the chickens move so she could herd them from the outside.

Mountain Goat Kronos
Waiting outside while mom went in the barn to see the chicks

One of our aunt’s children drove up from San Diego with her son and pup to visit briefly. It was good seeing them all again.

The black beauty in the middle is named Lilli

Lilli has grown a lot since mom last saw her. She’s grown long legs and her face has elongated as well. She looks mostly like a Border Collie. After visiting, we went to get everything ready for the performance and then headed to Palm Desert.

The performance was in a country club. There was a little area with chairs that was the stage. We took all the dogs to sniff and check out the stage before making sure some of the prop tricks should work on the ground. There was a mirror in the hall and Terra was so funny because she seemed enamored with her own reflection. Maybe she thought she was a different dog. I wasn’t sure what Kronos would think, but he didn’t even seem to notice. He glanced at himself briefly then walked on. Bella didn’t seem to notice either.

Some of the decorations for the party

We were to hide out in the boardroom until called to go on stage, because our performance was surprise entertainment for the guests.

All too soon, we were ushered to the back of the stage and it was time for the show!

The performance flew by, but it was so much fun. We forgot a couple of tricks for each pup, Terra was a bit distracted by wanting to meet the audience dogs initially, and while Kronos got distracted momentarily by a hot dog left on a speaker from another dog’s performance, everyone did spectacular! The audience cheered for all the dog’s as they performed and seemed to love it.

Chilling on the carpet after the performance
So much fun!

Afterward, we were provided dinner before heading back to the house.

Fancy salad which included an edible orchid
The main course-Bella and Kronos got a few bites. Some pieces were saved in the napkin for Terra since she was chilling in her crate, but they mysteriously vanished! So Terra got a special fish skin treat the next day from the pet store.

The next day we decided to have a little fun and explore before having to head back to Arizona. After slowly getting ready and cleaning up around the house, we stopped by the little country store.

So quaint!
The pups waiting in the car while we went inside briefly to look around

Then we headed into Temecula and went to a couple of pet stores. The first one was a cute little pet store.

I realized that I had forgotten the leads at the house, so as an early Christmas present and to celebrate the performance, Bella, Terra, and Kronos each got a lead. Then they all came inside and looked at all the puppies with us. There was an adorable little Pomeranian girl, and lots of cute little dogs.

At first Kronos was unsure and thought the puppy was going to jump on him, but I talked to him and let him know that the puppy was behind glass and he was safe. Then he laid down and relaxed while the puppy licked the glass and raced around behind him.
My favorite puppy in the store! A little male Yorkiepoo, but it was pointed out that his markings look somewhat like a Cattle Dog. I like the darker colors and he also has double wings like Kronos

I assured Kronos that we wouldn’t be getting another permanent puppy for many many moons as my hands are full enough with him and his sisters. Three is definitely a handful at times. But I still enjoy looking at pups and occasionally getting some puppy love. Before leaving, we got a RedBarn Barky Bark for Bella, Terra, and Kronos and then went to the next Pet Store nearby.

The store was named Kahoots and it is only in some parts of California. It was huge and had birds and fish along with tons of dog toys, treats, and food.

Having fun exploring the store

We saw a couple of adorable little Shibas there too.

Young Adrian (left) and Rocky (right). They were both under a year old.

Bella, Terra, and Kronos got a few Christmas presents from the store and then we headed to nearby Fallbrook to see the town.

We didn’t get to see much of the town, although we walked around for a little bit. There was a quaint old little theater across from where we parked that reminded me a little of downtown Flagstaff.


Waiting to walk around

We grabbed lunch at a little Mexican food place and sat on the patio.

Kronos was a wee bit chilly
Can I have some please?
On the patio while getting lunch

After that we got some fro-yo, walked down a street, and then got in the car and headed back to Arizona. Sadly we did not make it to the beach this time, although we still had a fun trip and are looking forward to our next visit to California whenever that is.

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