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Here you will find products that Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs has either used, currently uses, or fully supports. We often are asked “What dog food do you feed? What puzzle toys do you use? What chews would you recommend?” and wanted to have a catch all place for these inquiries including products in different categories as well.

Dry Food


Nulo Grain-Free




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For any chews, it is important that you know your dog’s chewing style. For Example, Bella and Terra chew the bully slices wonderfully, but Kronos likes to try to swallow them whole after awhile. So Bella and Terra get this kind of chew, but Kronos does not any more. He would get a regular bully stick, a rawhide roll, or a different chew instead.


Image result for pet factory retriever rolls
Pet Factory Retriever Rolls are Made in the USA and NOT Treated with Radiation This is one of Kronos’s most favorite chews!
RedBarn Original Bully Flavor Bully Slices

Happy Howies Beef Woof Stix 4 Pk.

Happy Howie’s Beef Woof Stix

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Food Dispensing Puzzle Toys

Buster Cube
The Odin
Image result for kong wobbler
Kong Wobbler
Image result for Dog Twister nina ottosson
Nina Ottosson Twister

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Exercise Equipment

Image result for fitpaws pods
FitPaws Paw Pods
Image result for fitpaws wobble board
FitPaws Wobble Board-comes in different sizes, so make sure it’s right for your pup

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Stuffed Toys

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*Coming Soon*

Paw Pad Moisturizer/Protection

Four Paws Paw Guard


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Wound Care

Banixx is a miracle topical spray. It treats bacterial infections, fungal infections, bug bites, and so much more. We had followed the vet’s orders for Kronos’s hind leg wound including soaking his foot in epsom salt twice daily along with oral antibiotics, but it only got worse and wouldn’t stop oozing. After buying this spray at a Pet Club and applying it once, the very next day the wound stopped oozing and began scabbing over. Not much longer afterward, the gaping wound was healed and the skin and hair grew over it. A small bottle lasts quite awhile, but I will always make sure to have a big bottle on hand for any emergency!

*More Coming Soon*

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