Netflix’s Pet Stars Out Now!

The reality show Pet Stars is out now on Netflix! Catch Kronos the Australian Cattle Dog and Terra the Australian Shepherd in the new series on Episode 2 and in the official trailer below.

America’s Favorite Pet – 🗳️Kronos

Kronos is in the running for America’s Favorite Pet! Vote for him here: Some of our latest videos: Kronos Training to Defeat the Huns (A Disney Mulan Parody), Playing Jenga, doing chores in the Mannequin Challenge, riding brooms and casting spells as Harry Pupper, having the time of his life splashing loudly like a […]

Kronos Featured on Scary Mommy

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Scary Mommy (@scarymommy) on Jul 14, 2020 at 7:28pm PDT Kronos was featured on Scary Mommy’s Instagram!

Over the Rainbow Bridge

My four legged Angel has grown her ethereal wings. I always loved the beautiful light brown fur markings on your chest and called them your “wings.” My little Foxy girl, Wolfdog, Coyote, Kitty Cat, DingoDog, and Brighteyes. You were an adorable little Blue Heeler with a beautiful white fluffy tail, large black pointy ears, refined […]

Terra Featured in Store Signage

This is so exciting! Terra’s featured in in store signage for KONG pet products! If you see her anywhere please let us know what store! We’re not sure exactly what stores they are in! We’d love to get a copy once the stores are finished using them too so if any of our fans could […]

Kronos Featured in FidoFriendly Magazine Fall/Winter 2019 Issue

Kronos’s Git Up Challenge Featured on Shareably

Kronos’s Git Up Challenge got featured on Shareably! Here’s our Git Up Challenge Video If anyone knows someone in the media who may be interested in our videos or content, please let us know. We’d love to have our videos featured in different media outlets as canine enrichment and trick training are a great way to keep […]

Kronos Featured in National Commercial

Kronos was featured in a National Beggin Commercial! The commercial originally aired during the Purina National Dog Show for Thanksgiving and one of our fans also told us they saw it on CMT while watching a movie! Here’s the commercial which aired during the Dog Show. If you ever see us or any of our […]


When you’re caught red pawed! Kronos says it wasn’t me! **Someone had commented on Reddit that you can’t just film something like this and expect to fix the behavior. While it’s true if you see your dog doing a behavior that you don’t like, you should certainly teach your dog something different, in relation to […]