Is my dog overweight?

Recently I was reading a post online about whether a person’s dogs were overweight. It can be a sensitive topic to some, but it’s important to know if your dog is or isn’t for their health and well-being. There are many groups, forums, and articles about a fit dog versus an ideal body or an […]

Nutro Wild Frontier From

We were sent a 4 lb. bag of Nutro Wild Frontier to try. Bella was on Nutro as a pup before we switched around. A lot of dog food seems to be switching it up and gearing toward healthier formulas with higher protein, high fat (this is actually good, it’s the carbs, sugar, and fillers […]

Bella featured in AKC Family Dog Magazine

Bella was featured in the Summer version of AKC Family Dog Magazine! We were so excited to see it! Though some of the facts got majorly skewed, we’re still super excited about this opportunity 🙂

Terra Wins Phoenix Dog Casting Call

Right before the fourth of July we were notified that Terra was a finalist in the Phoenix Dog Casting Call! We went to Hatton Photographic Design where all finalists had a mini photo shoot. We got to see our furiend Jake who we first met a few years ago at BlogPaws and his mom Beke. […]

When Life Gives You Lemons: Friday’s Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany

As I’ve learned dog body language and canine behavior, it’s easier to identify what’s going on in a situation and interpret interactions. I’ve re-watched many videos and now see things I was oblivious to before. I follow many wild canine accounts on Instagram which have foxes, wolfdogs, and coyotes. One of the accounts notes that […]

Starbucks Dance

Kronos loves puppachinos! He always gets this special treat when we go through Starbucks. It’s whipped cream that is sometimes served with a biscuit. He licks every last drop and sometimes even dances to get to the bottom of the treat! Thanks Starbucks for being pet friendly!

A Not So Wordless Wednesday: Taking the Road Less Traveled

As we’re reading and learning, we wanted to share one of the life lessons we found to reflect on and live by: if you react in anger and hold a grudge, it’s akin to taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Ultimately all you are doing is hurting yourself. Slander, belittling, distortion, lashing out, and […]

Bella featured on Modern Dog Magazine Website & Newsletter

We woke up this morning and were scrolling emails when we happened upon a familiar face….Bella! Bella’s photo with her cousin Jesse was included in the Modern Dog Magazine newsletter and their website! We were super excited to see this! The photo was from a shoot about a year ago in February taken by Tuff […]

LID Nutro Canned Food from Chewy

We recently tried Nutro’s LID turkey and potato canned dog food. The ingredients are simplistic and my pups always enjoy having some tasty canned food for mealtime. A little about Nutro’s LID canned food: U.S. farm-raised turkey Made without grains, corn gluten meal, wheat, or soy protein. Made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. […]

ACDR Foster Pup Pip

A couple of months ago we went to pick up a foster pup. We ended up taking the small blue female pup. She was so teeny tiny and though she’s grown some in the past few weeks, she looks like she’s going to be a petite girl and she’s definitely a spitfire. Since she is so […]