Active and fun mealtime: #Chewy Treat Buddy Toy

Chewy provided us the Twist and Treat Treat dispensing toy. The design is different than many other puzzles that we have.

Twist ‘n Treat Puzzle Toy

To fill the toy, you simply unscrew the two sides, fill up the middle with treats, dog food, or a stuffer such as peanut butter, then reattach the two sides and give to your dog.

Ready for filling

You can adjust the difficulty of the toy by leaving it somewhat loose or tightening as much as possible so your dog has to really work at getting the treats out.TreatBuddy3

Smaller opening which takes more work to get the food out

Kronos was the first to try the new toy although Bella and Terra will also be trying it.

The toy comes in blue in sizes:

It is around $10 on Amazon.

The toy also comes in purple and comes in:

It is around $16 on Amazon.

We got the Medium toy.

In action

The toy rolled this way and that while sporadically dispersing pieces of food.

TreatBuddy8TreatBuddy9Food puzzle toys are wonderful because they challenge a dog’s mind with solving the problem of how the food is supposed to come out. The ones that move are great as well because then the dog is moving around and actively pursuing its meal. This gives the dog a little bit of physical exercise as well.

While food toys are not a replacement for daily walks, they are a great supplement for tiring out your pup. The puzzle toys are simple to use, fill up, and wash. And it makes meal times more fun for your dog.

The only con was that the toy didn’t fit all of Kronos’s breakfast. Although that just meant he had a variety of toys with different ways to release the food which challenged him to use his nose, teeth, and paws.



Do you use food toys for meal time or treat time? Does your dog enjoy them?

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