A short film about love for a dog Kickstarter Project

Devon Voelkel is trying to put together a short film about a love for a dog. The film is called ‘Snausages’ and is about the journey a person takes when coping with the loss of a pet. The film offers a significant and poignant look into the relationship between man and man’s best friend. To get more information about the project you can check out the visual storyboard at: http://snausagesfilm.tumblr.com/. Additionally there is a Kickstarter campaign that is running until Friday January 29th that features information about the story and production team.

For more information or to support Devon’s idea, check them out on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Snausages-Short-Film-909125612490115/
Tumblr: http://snausagesfilm.tumblr.com/

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